Tips pin a tab in Google Chrome

Tips pin a tab in Google Chrome – In Chrome. there is an option to pin a tab that can minimize the tab to display only the icon. When you have a number of tabs opened, this feature is very useful, as it will display the icons, leaving more space for multitasking.

This option also avoids tabs lost on the side of the screen when you have numerous tabs open at one time, follow the tips below.

First, open any website that you want to pin. For me, I keep a good number of tabs pinned for both social media networks as well as sites I regularly visit for work.

Now, right-click on the tab itself up at the top of the Chrome web browser. You can see a screenshot of this in action below.

From there, just select Pin tab and you’re done. The tab you pinned will now be miniaturized, and you should only see the site’s favicon.

There are several things you should know about pinned tabs. First, you can move the tabs around if you have multiple pinned tabs, but they will always remain to the left side of Chrome and cannot be placed between two full-sized tabs. Second, if you close Chrome and reopen it later, the tabs you pinned should open back up with the browser, making it so you don’t need to do this entire process over again.

Good Luck!

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