3 tips Fix Outlook OST File Can not Be Accessed Error

3 tips Fix Outlook OST File Can not Be Accessed Error – But some of the annoying problems will occur when you select this mode in Outlook that sometimes inaccessible Outlook profile while that trigger alerts “C:Usersuser nameAppDataLocalMicrosoftuser nameusername.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” So here we are going to talk about how to fix Outlook OST file can not be accessed error.

3 tips Fix Outlook OST File Can not Be Accessed Error

There are several possible attributes of the problem, like the problem of synchronization between the local file and stored OST Outlook exchange server box, internet connection problems and some users try to access Outlook OST files are the same and so on. And we’ll list some manual methods to correct the error.

Tip 1: Stop all processes related to Outlook

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Start Task Manager.

Step 2: Find all processes with names Communicator, Lync, ucmapi or Outlook and click the End Process option under the Processes tab.

Tip 2: Remove the checkmark swap mode cache

Step 1: Close your Outlook.

Step 2: Open control Panel and select the Mail item from the Control Panel.

Step 3: In the Mail Setup dialog come up, click Email Accounts button.

Step 4: In the Account Settings dialog come, just find the target email account associated with the OST file and click Change.

Step 5: In the Change Account dialog comes, just uncheck the Use Cached Exchange Mode.

Tip 3: Convert OST file into PST file

Typically, when the OST file can not be accessed, we can export the corresponding data stored in OST file to PST file, so that we can continue our work without any problems.

Step 1: Start MS Outlook.

Step 2: Go to File >> Open & Export >> Import and Export.

Step 3: Navigate to the Export to a file and click Next.

Step 4: Select a specific folder of items to be imported and create a destination folder to save the PST file.

Successfully completed it! Fix Outlook OST File Can not Be Accessed Error.

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