4 tips open PC Settings on Windows 10

4 tips open PC Settings on Windows 10 – The vast majority of the settings you’ll need to change in Windows 10 are in PC settings. PC settings is composed into the PC and devices, Users and accounts, OneDrive, Search and apps, Privacy, Network, DataSense, Time and language, Ease of Access, Update and recovery, Battery Saver, and Storage Sense categories. You can click/tap on every class on the left to see progressively accessible settings for that classification on the right.

4 tips open PC Settings on Windows 10

This topic will tell you various ways on the best way to open PC settings in Windows 10.

Tip 1: Open it in the Start Menu

Click the lower-left Start button on the work area to grow Start Menu, and afterward select Settings in it.

Open PC Settings on Windows 10
Open PC Settings on Windows 10

Tip 2: With keyboard shortcut

Press Windows+I on the keyboard to get to Settings.

Tip 3: Use by Search

Tap the search box on the taskbar, input setting in it and select Settings in the results.

Tip 4: Open File Explorer

Click/tap on This PC in the navigation pane. Click/tap on the Computer tab, and click/tap on Open Settings in the ribbon.

This step is only available in the Windows Technical Preview build 9860 and above.

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